The 4th Annual Atami Kaiju Film Festival


The 4th Atami Kaiju Film Festival

Izusan Debris Flow Disaster Reconstruction Support-

While the coronavirus was spreading around Japan, the Izusan debris flow disaster also occurred in the city of Atami, which caused much hardship. Every day I have been asking myself whether or not it is best to hold the Atami Kaiju Film Festival this year. Even now, many events are being canceled one after another around the country. However, I don’t think we can afford to stay in such a negative situation forever.

We decided to hold the 4th Annual Atami Kaiju Film Festival in November as planned, hoping that by doing so we could show the strength and energy of the city of Atami through our efforts. A portion of the proceeds from the festival will be donated to support the reconstruction efforts from the disaster . Also this time, in addition to the three-day movie screening, we will set up an exhibition and sales booth for monster creators, which will be our first attempt at promoting activities of this kind.

We also asked Yuji Kaida, a famous “monster painter” who was well-received for the design work he created for the 2nd and 3rd annual festivals, to create a main visual for the 4th festival as well. The idea for this visual was to have a monster facing straight at the camera, with Atami City in the background. This monster is standing up to protect Atami from outside threats, and he is a powerful symbol in these trying times for the positive goals we are trying to accomplish.

The Atami Kaiju Film Festival also will participate in the Atami Arts Festival with the support of the Arts Council of Shizuoka. As an event in our lovely city that takes place in the beautiful autumn time, we intend to communicate the awesome energy and beauty of Atami to the whole country! A donation box has been set up at the venue, so if your financial situation allows you to do so, please consider donating to the reconstruction efforts going on at this time.

<Overview> November 21st (Sun) to 23rd (Tuesday), 2021

Venue: International Tourism College Atami School, etc.

Organizer: Atami Monster Film Festival

Support: Arts Council of Shizuoka,

A participant in the Atami Arts Festival

Cooperation: Toho, Tsuburaya Productions, KADOKAWA, Nikkatsu, National Voluntary Monster Film Championship, 3Y Co., Ltd., WAWACINEMA, International Tourism College Atami School, Suzuki Photo Studio, Ajiyoshiya, Atami Cinema, Gallery Tenjiku, PLAN A

Sponsor: Mishima Shinkin Bank Atami Branch, Atami Castle

Also with sponsorship from: the Atami City Tourism Association, the Atami City Shopping District Federation, A-biz (Atami City Challenge Support Center)

Main visual: Yuji Kaida

* Please note that the schedule of the festival is subject to change without notice.

What is the Arts Council of Shizuoka?

The Arts Council of Shizuoka is a resident-centered creative team established with the aim to respond to social issues and revitalize the region by connecting various fields of society such as town development, tourism, international exchange, welfare, education, and industry with cultural arts, and we support activities that work towards these goals.

<Works to be Screened>

Shin Godzilla

Gamera 3: Revenge of Iris

Ultra Q (colorized version)


Ultraman Z

Gappa: The Triphibian Monster (AKA Monster from a Prehistoric Planet)

18th National Voluntary Monster Movie Championship Atami Tournament 2021

Nezura 1964 

And more!

<Ticket sales>

* Advance tickets are sold online only. Sales start from 19:00 pm on October 8th. Tickets may also be purchased at the venue on the day of the event.

3-day pass ticket 7,000 yen

1st day ticket, 3rd day ticket 3,000 yen each

2nd day ticket 2,000 yen

Under 18 years old 3-day ticket 3,000 yen

Under 18 years old 1st day ticket, 2nd day ticket, 3rd day ticket 1,000 yen each

* Free for children under the age of 18 living in Atami

Click here to purchase tickets


International Tourism College Atami

November 21 (Sun) 10: 00-

Ultra Q Episode 2 “Goro and Goroh” (colorized version)/ Ultraman Episode 20 “Terror on Route 87” (1966)  

Selected stories set in Izu from the Ultra series. Enjoy them on the big screen.

Same-day ticket: Adults 1,500 yen (500 yen for those under 18 years old)

November 21 (Sun) 12:30-

Nezura 1964 (2020)

A movie depicting the production struggle of the Daiei special effects monster movie “Giant Horde Beast Nezura,” which was an ultimately canceled movie planned before “Gamera, the Giant Monster”!

Same-day ticket: Adults 1,500 yen (500 yen for those under 18 years old)

November 21 (Sun) 15:00-

Gamera 3: Revenge of Iris (1999)

This year, on the 55th anniversary of Gamera’s birth, a 4K digital restored version of one of Gamera’s greatest adventures will be screened at Atami!

Same-day ticket: Adults 2,000 yen (500 yen for those under 18 years old)

November 22 (Monday) 10:00-

Gappa: The Triphibian Monster (1967)

A daring story which depicts the love of two monster parents for their child, Gappa—and their rampage throughout Japan! The movie also features Atami as a major location!

Same-day ticket: Adults 1,500 yen (500 yen for those under 18 years old)

November 22 (Monday) 12:30-

“18th National Independent Monster Movie Championship Atami Tournament 2021”

A project sponsored by Kiyotaka Taguchi, and featuring original short films created especially for the contest. Enjoy a variety of exciting monster movies from young creators.

Same-day ticket: Adults 1,000 yen (500 yen for those under 18 years old)

November 23 (Tuesday) 10:00-

Ultraman Z Episode 1 “Chant My Name!”, Episode 19 “The Last Hero” (2020)

Two selected episodes from Ultraman Z, which won the 52nd Seiun Award Media Category, and proved enormously popular last year, will be screened.

Same-day ticket: Adults 1,500 yen (500 yen for those under 18 years old)

November 23 (Tuesday) 12:00-

“Hot Spring Defense Bus Diver” (2021)

A new production from director Morito Inoue, two-time winner of the National Independent Monster Movie Championship. Plot: A hero driven to protect a hot spring area appears!

Same-day ticket: Adults 1,000 yen (500 yen under 18 years old)

November 23 (Tuesday) 14:30-

Shin Godzilla (2016)

How will the Japanese react when Godzilla appears in modern Japan?

Same-day ticket: Adults 2,000 yen (500 yen for those under 18 years old)

<Additional attractions>

“Atami Monster Market”

On the 4th floor of the same building as the screening venue (International Tourism and Tourism College Atami), there will be an exhibition booth for special effects related stores (companies / doujin groups). Scheduled exhibition times are in parentheses. Subject to change.

・ Dream Planet Japan Co., Ltd. (both days)

・ X-Plus Co., Ltd. (both days)

・ Digital Noise MOBYDICK Division (both days)

・ Yuji Kaida (both days)

・ Nezura 1964 (Nov. 21st only)

・ National Voluntary Monster Movie Championship (Nov. 22nd only)

・ Papillon Honda (Nov. 23rd only)

・ Yuzo Oki The biggest decisive battle in my life (TBA)

・ Soft Vinyl Taro (Nov. 23rd only)

・ Meteor Figure Zone (Nov. 22nd only)

・ NINSAI (both days)

・ Toy Base-Gun Base- (Nov. 21st only)

・ Resin Chef Tokedan (both days)

・ Yasuto Wakabayashi (Nov. 21st only)

・ Re: Ultra (Nov. 22nd only)

・ AbyssDragon (Nov. 23rd only)

・ Ushimaru Electric (Nov. 22nd only)  

There is still room available at the venue for vendors. If you are interested in exhibiting, please contact us by email. Email:

<Other projects>

“SFX Comedy Yuzo Oki The Biggest Battle in Life” (Director Yoshikazu Ishii) Trailer Screening, Costume Exhibition

“Hot Spring Defense Bus Diver” exhibition

“New Monster Drawing Contest 2021” Exhibition

* Details will be announced later. * Additional projects are planned.

<Street exhibition>

November 2nd to November 23rd

“New Monster Drawing Contest 2021”

Contest applications were accepted this year, starting in May! Creators from all over the world sent in their original kaiju creations under the theme “Atami,” and we received more than 200 applications—a massive increase from last year! We will exhibit selected works from among the applications. All exhibited works can be seen at the screening event venue from the 21st.

Venue: Mishima Shinkin Bank Atami Branch Street Gallery (12-27 Chuocho, Atami City)


<Stamp card>

Stamp cards will be distributed to to cooperating stores in Atami City. Participants can have their cards stamped at participating locations and receive a present at the festival event venue from the 21st.


The Atami Monster Film Festival is looking for people interested in working together to create an even better festival experience! If you are interested, please contact us by email. In addition, sponsors and cooperating companies are also welcomed at any time. Please help us to make Atami a sacred place for monsters.

<Collaboration event>

Atami Kaiju Film Festival will support various projects in cooperation with local businesses and creators.

“Neo Atami Movie Festival”

“Atami Monster Film Festival” x “Atami Cinema” collaboration project

As the eve of the Atami Monster Film Festival approaches, we will hold the Atami Cinema Collaboration Project. The project will focus on “Movies Set in Atami” to enliven anyone’s visit to Atami. As Atami Cinema Choice, in addition to “Akari Tsumetai,” “Speak Low,” “Atami Monster,” and “In the Future That Will Never Come,” a special screening of “Atami Blues,” directed by Donald Richie will be featured—a movie which depicted Atami as it was in the 1960s. We want you to feel the charm of Atami through the scenery of Atami as depicted by various directors through short, medium-length, and feature films.

Date and time: November 20, 13: 00-

Location: Atami Geiko Miban Kaburenjo (17-13 Chuocho, Atami City)

第4回 スペシャルゲスト発表!




A)10:00〜 総天然色『ウルトラQ』/『ウルトラマン』

B)12:30〜 『ネズラ1964』

C)15:00〜 『ガメラ3 邪神〈イリス〉覚醒』


D)10:00〜 『大巨獣ガッパ』
予告編上映『特撮 喜劇 大木勇造 人生最大の決戦』

E)12:30〜 『第18回 全国自主怪獣映画選手権 熱海大会2021』


F)10:00〜 『ウルトラマンZ』第1話、第19話

G)12:30〜 『温泉防衛バスダイバー』
追加特別企画『熱海・須賀川・別府 〜怪獣・特撮の街に〜』

H)14:30〜 『シン・ゴジラ』



☆募集数  9ブース/1日
☆個人もしくは有志の団体 ※法人での出展は、企業ブースを用意しますのでお問い合わせください。
  1日出展 4,000円  2日出展 7,000円  3日出展 10,000円
☆コロナウィルス感染拡大防止の為、 下記のご協力をお願いします。

・本には必ず奥付を記載してください。奥付には、発行者名、連絡先、印刷所、発行日の記載が必須です。 ※連絡先は、メールアドレスやウェブサイトなど、会員制ではない連絡先である必要があります。




問い合わせ先 件名に必ず「熱海怪獣市場」と記載ください。


Original Kaiju Drawing Contest 2021

The Atami Kaiju Film Festival is holding a new monster illustration contest for 2021!

For the Atami Kaiju Film Festival, we are holding a drawing contest and asking you to create your own original monster designs! Please draw a monster of your own creation, then send in your designs to enter the contest! You can enter the contest by simply taking a picture of the monster illustration, and then sending it to the email below. It doesn’t matter how old you are—all ages, from children to adults, are welcome to enter, and even folks from all around the world. This year our contest has the theme of “Atami”. Please consider this theme as you imagine what kind of monster you want to create! You can think about our beautiful city of Atami—the sea, the mountains, the hot springs, our special gourmet food, and more.


Caption: The beach and Atami Castle

Application requirements
For this contest, we are looking for images and descriptions for original monsters that the applicants create themselves. All ages, from children to adults, are welcome to apply—though minors should obtain the consent of their parents first. All applicants will be required to send their applications by email, and enter their names and addresses.
Monster designs can be completed in analog or digital format. In the case of art completed using physical media, just take a picture of the completed drawing via your phone or digital camera, or scan the image onto your computer. For a digital drawing completed on computer, make sure to save your image as a jpeg, png, or tiff and attach the file to the email.
Contest Duration: Thursday, May 20-Tuesday, August 31, 2021.
Send all applications to:
Please write “Original Kaiju Drawing Contest 2021” in the subject line of the email.
Please include the following information in the body of the email:

  1. The name of the kaiju
  2. A brief biographical description of your original kaiju—its personality, abilities, etc.
  3. Name of the applicant. (If you prefer to remain anonymous in promotional materials, please also include your chosen pen name.)
  4. Age (if you are a student, please also include your grade as of 2021)
  5. Physical address
  6. Phone number

Before you apply, please read and make sure you understand the following:
All applicants, by submitting their work, will be considered to have agreed with the following.
Concerning copyright and personal information: The copyright for the work (the original kaiju and supporting materials) created by the applicant belongs to the applicant, and thus applicants retain the right to publish and use their kaiju for their own work. However, by applying to the Original Kaiju Drawing Contest 2021, applicants are giving the general incorporated association Atami Kaiju Film Festival/Organizer the right to use the work at the festival itself (rights of publication, the right to display the name, and the right not to change the designs and content of the creation). The general incorporated association behind the Atami Kaiju Film Festival, then, is granted to rights to post the submitted works on websites, SNS, printed materials, etc, free of charge for the purposes of publicizing the film festival and this related competition. All private information, such as the addresses and phone numbers of applicants, will be managed responsibly by the Atami Kaiju Film Festival and will not be used for any purpose except in communicating with applicants about the competition selection and announcement of results. When publishing the original monster designs on the Internet, only the first name provided by the applications, or a pen name if preferred, will be given in order to protect the privacy of the individuals who have entered the contest.

Prohibited activities:
Please note that, in the case of the following, you will disqualify your applications automatically.
–Applications depicting copyrighted characters that have already appeared in media. (If an application seems to depict an existing kaiju, but the submitter is a child, we will accept and display the work, but the submission will be disqualified from the competition.)
–Any application in which a blank sheet of paper is given with the name “transparent kaiju” or similar shenanigans.
–Any application that slanders a specific person or group.
–Submissions that are not in the specified format
–Applications without a full name, address, or contact information
The Atami Kaiju Film Festival reserves the right to disqualify any other entrants that we see fit on a case-by-case basis.

Process of selection—

The entries will be selected during a judging process between September to October of 2021. The winning applicants will be judged by the Atami Kaiju Film Festival Secretariat and a team of special judges. Previously special judges have included illustrator Yuji Kaida, musician Makoto Inoue, and screenwriter Kazunori Ito.
Between three and five awards will be given to the best original kaiju designs. The special prizes for the selected winning entries will be provided by our sponsors.

Publication of works
The prize-winning works as well as other accepted entries will be printed out to be exhibited at the street gallery display of the Atami branch of Mishima Shinkin Bank in the fall of 2021. All accepted entries are also planned to be made viewable on the Atami Kaiju Film Festival website or on our official SNS.

Where did the Original Kaiju Drawing Contest come from?
Last year we had a special Original Kaiju Drawing Contest 2020, in which we invited contestants to submit designs of kaiju which could not be defeated by the corona virus. As a result, a great many kaiju were gathered together from all over the country and combined their power! In the months leading up to the fourth annual Atami Kaiju Film Festival (scheduled to be held in November), we are looking for new monsters that would not lose even to the mighty beasts who made their appearances in our contest last year!
For the 3rd Atami Kaiju Film Festival’s Original Kaiju Drawing Contest 2020, the original plan was to accept physical entries via mail. However, this method of application was canceled to prevent the spread of the virus, and we welcomed entries to be sent via email instead. Through this process, we received nearly 80 entries from around the country, the quality of which was very high. In order to reduce labor and eliminate return shipping costs, as well as to continue to prevent further spread of the aforementioned virus, all entries must be submitted digitally this year, too.
The 4th Atami Kaiju Film Festival
Date: November 21-23, 2021
Location: International Tourism College Atami School, etc.
Organizer: Atami Kaiju Film Festival
Support: Arts Council Shizuoka




第4回 熱海怪獣映画祭
場所:国際観光専門学校熱海校 ほか


The dates for the 4th Annual Atami Kaiju Film Festival have been decided!

The 4th Atami Kaiju Film Festival
November 21 (Sun), 22 (Mon), 23 (Tues), 2021.

Location: The International Tourism College of Atami, etc.

We are currently looking for sponsors! If you are interested in helping to sponsor our event, please contact us!

【テーマ:熱海】新怪獣お絵かきコンクール2021 開催



テーマ 「熱海」



  • 応募者が考えたオリジナル怪獣(新怪獣)の「絵」と「設定」を募集します。
  • 対象は年少児童から社会人(成人)まで可能とします。
  • 本コンクールは作品をメールに添付して発信する「デジタル応募」です。未成年者は、保護者の同意を得た上で応募してください。
  • メールの操作や、住所氏名など個人情報の記入が必要になります。お子さまの申し込みの際は、保護者の方のご協力をお願いいたします。
  • 作品は「手描き」「デジタル描画」いずれでも応募可能です。
  • 手描きの絵はカメラやスマートフォンで撮影した画像をメールで送ってください。
  • デジタル描画はjpeg、png、tiffなどのフォーマットに変換して添付してください。



① 新怪獣の名前

② 設定(怪獣の特徴、性格や技など)

③ 応募者の氏名(結果発表などにペンネームが必要であれば書き添える)

④ 年齢(学生は令和3年度の学年を書き添える)

⑤ 住所

⑥ 電話番号



  • 応募者が創作した作品(新怪獣)に対する著作権は、応募者に帰属するものとします。応募者が作品を公開・使用する権利は自由です。
  • 本コンクールに応募することによって、応募者は一般社団法人熱海怪獣映画祭・主催者に対して、同映画祭で利用される際の作品の権利(公表権、氏名表示権、同一性保持特権)を行使しないことを承認したものとします。
  • 一般社団法人熱海怪獣映画祭は、同映画祭と本コンクールの広報宣伝などのために、応募作品をウェブサイト・SNS・印刷物などの媒体に無償で掲載することができます。
  • 応募者の個人情報は一般社団法人熱海怪獣映画祭が責任を持って保管・管理いたします。コンクールの選考、結果発表、ご本人への連絡に関わる事業以外には利用しません。
  • インターネット上での作品の公開時は、応募者の個人情報保護の観点から、本人指定のペンネームまたはファーストネームのみの公開とします。


  • 下記のような応募作品は「失格」になりますのでご注意ください。
  • 既にメディアに登場している怪獣を描いた応募(幼児の応募作品で既存怪獣と見られる応募があった際は、受付・作品展示は行いますが選考からは除外します)。
  • 「透明怪獣」と銘打った白紙の応募。
  • 特定の人物や団体を揶揄する、誹謗中傷にあたる内容を含む応募。その他、熱海怪獣映画祭の主旨にそぐわないと当会が判断した応募。
  • 指定のフォーマット以外のデータ。
  • 氏名、住所、連絡先が記入されていない応募。


  • 応募作品の選考は令和3年9月〜10月に行います。
  • 選考は、熱海怪獣映画祭事務局と特別選考者が行います(前回の特別選考者は、イラストレーター・開田裕治氏、音楽家・井上誠氏、脚本家・伊藤和典氏)。
  • 特別賞(3〜5点)と入賞5点の選考を予定しています。
  • 全入賞作品のうち選出された作品に、協賛者様提供の特別賞品を贈呈いたします。


  • 入賞作品をはじめ、応募作品をプリントアウトして、三島信用金庫熱海支店ストリートギャラリーに展示いたします。本年秋を予定しています。
  • 全応募作品は、熱海怪獣映画祭ウェブサイトまたは公式SNSで紹介いたします。





2021年11月 熱海怪獣映画祭やります!!

場所:国際観光専門学校熱海校 ほか
主催:一般社団法人 熱海怪獣映画祭


Atami Kaiju film festival is specializing in KAIJU, no one has ever seen before in Japan!

About the Atami KAIJU Film Festival

Atami is one of the leading resort areas in Japan. Also historic town by the sea with hot springs and is loved by the shogun.

And popular as area of holiday homes because it is only a 40-minute Shinkansen(bullet train) ride from Tokyo.

On weekends, people from young to old come from Tokyo to spend their holidays there.

Welcom to atami HP >>>

The Atami KAIJU Film Festival was born out of discussion about monster movies at a bar in Atami, when Kazunori Ito, known for his work on the anime “Ghost in the Shell”, the game “.hack”, and the scriptwriter for the monster movie “Gamera: Guardian of the Universe”

Atami was the setting for the climactic scene in ”King Kong vs. Godzilla(1962)” as well as “GAPPA-TRIPHIBIAN MONSTER (1967)”.

This place was the setting for many Kaiju movies and tokusatsu programs, and was called the “Kaiju city”. There are no movie theaters now, but it used to be a “movie city” with seven theaters.

The “Atami Kaiju Film Festival” was started by a group of local volunteers. The slogan is “Make Atami a sacred place for Kaiju”.

The first event was held in 2018. Only film screened was “Gamera 2 : Attack of the Legion” (scripted by Kazunori Ito), which Ito wrote in Atami.

In 2019, the film festival became a general incorporated association and held its second film festival. It was held for three days and the number of films screened increased to 11.

The lineup includes the staff’s long-awaited “King Kong vs. Godzilla,” an episode of “Ultraman” set in Atami, and a new film by a young Kaiju movie creator.

Guests included Shinji Higuchi, director of “Shin Godzilla” and “Shin Ultraman,” Kiyotaka Taguchi, director of the latest in the Ultraman series, “Ultraman Z,” and other leading Japanese creators. Legendary Kaiju suit maker Keizo Murase, who has been involved for many Godzilla films and tokusatsu films such as “The Mighty Peking Man,” also came to Atami. (Murase also made the suit of Titanosaurus that appeared in Terror of Mechagodzilla).

In addition to the screening of the film, a concert of “GODZILLA LEGEND” produced by Makoto Inoue, who also performed in New York, was held at the Atami Geisha hall.

The third film festival was scheduled to be held in November 2020. However, due to the spread of the COVID-19 infection, it was postponed to March 2021. The third film festival will be held with thorough infection control measures.

Currently, the Atami Monster Film Festival only screens Kaiju movies from within Japan. The representative of the festival said that we would like to expand the lineup to attract attention from outside Japan in the future.

A lot of people in the world don’t know that Atami is one of the leading resort areas in Japan with beautiful ocean, plenty of hot springs as the place loved by SHOGUN. A lot of Japanese novelists and creators loved here, and are they use Atami as a good location for TV programs and movies.

Atami’s goal is to become Japanese version of Hollywood and Cannes. Please look forward to the Atami Kaiju Film Festival, a film festival specializing in Kaiju films, which has never been held before.

【終了しました】第3回イベント情報 チケット発売中!


会場:国際観光専門学校熱海校、ホテルニューアカオ ほか
主催:一般社団法人 熱海怪獣映画祭
協力:東宝、円谷プロ、TSKさんいん中央テレビ、WAWACINEMA、国際観光専門学校熱海校、MAKIGAMI OFFICE、(有)スズキ写真館、NPO法人LAND FES
協賛:JAZZ CLUB A、貴美の浜焼き、伊豆急ケーブルネットワーク、熱海城、ホテルニューアカオ、三島信用金庫熱海支店、熱海銀座 池島商店


政府及び静岡県の対策方針に基づき感染 予防と拡大防止のための対策を実施した上で、上映・公演を開催します。
・今後、新型コロナウイルス感染拡大の状況によっては、公演が中止や延期等になる場合が ありますので、ご来場前にホームページをご確認ください。
・入場時に検温を実施させていただきます。検温の結果、37.5 度以上の熱のある方は入場 をお断りする場合があります。

概要:上映作品「キングコング対ゴジラ」「総天然色 ウルトラQ」「全国自主怪獣映画選手権 熱海傑作選2021」「怪獣の日」「装甲巨人ガンボット」「怪獣の日」ほか
コンサート「熱海ゴジラ伝説 熱海絶対防衛ライブ フェーズ2 ~楽園の守護者」
3/1〜3/31 展示「熱海怪獣映画祭」三島信用金庫熱海支店ストリートギャラリー 

コンサート『ゴジラ伝説 熱海絶対防衛ライブ フェーズ2 ~楽園の守護者』

公演日 : 2021年3月12日(金)19:00開演(18:00開場)、20:35終演予定 配信あり
出演 : 井上誠、ヒカシュー(巻上公一、三田超人、坂出雅海、清水一登、佐藤正治)、チャラン・ポ・ランタン(もも、小春)、マリアンヌ東雲、吉田隆一、後藤篤、辰巳光英、合唱団「SoulWings」

音響:GOKサウンド、照明:中沢幸子(梶ライティングデザイン)、舞台監督: 巻上文子






映画上映『全国自主怪獣映画選手権 熱海傑作選2021』
怪獣映画の担い手を発掘する同選手権から5作品を上映。「県立武蔵野魔法高校にんきもの部ドラゴン狩り物語」「新モモトラマン2019」「惨殺巨獣バリギュラー」「リトル」「UNFIX 2021春の特別総集編」を各監督のトークと共に楽しもう!(計127分)

「劇場版 ウルトラマンオーブ 絆の力、おかりします!」
3月14日(日)10:30 ※18歳以下入場無料

映画上映『怪獣少年 85歳 出雲へ』
3月14日(日)13:00 ※18歳以下入場無料




3月13日(土) 19:00~21:00
会場:Atelier&Hostel ナギサウラ(熱海市渚町19-6)

映画上映&トーク 『熱海モンスター』
3月13日 ①16:00~ ②19:00~
場所:熱海の隠れ里 地下1階 宴会場(熱海市東海岸町9-23)
料金:無料 定員30名
予約は「熱海モンスター」TwitterアカウントへDMください→ @atamon_movie





メインビジュアルは、前回に引き続き怪獣絵師 開田裕治氏






【情報】2021年3月 第3回熱海怪獣映画祭 開催

日時:2021年3月12〜14日 金・土・日の3日間
会場:国際観光専門学校熱海校 ほか
主催:一般社団法人 熱海怪獣映画祭



『熱海ゴジラ伝説 熱海絶対防衛ライブ フェーズ2 ~楽園の守護者』

出演 : 井上誠、ヒカシュー(巻上公一、三田超人、坂出雅海、清水一登、佐藤正治)、チャラン・ポ・ランタン(もも、小春)、マリアンヌ東雲、吉田隆一、後藤篤、辰巳光英 、合唱団「SoulWings」


会場:熱海市内某所にて配信も予定しています。 チケット情報などは、2月7日以降に発表予定